Prospective graduate students

Do you want to pursue a graduate degree? We are looking for outstanding students who are interested in applying rigorous methodologies to the study of culture from a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective. Our department offers a number of funding opportunities every year. To get information about admissions, click here

Prospective interns

Are you interested in doing an internship or independent study program in our lab? We are looking for highly motivated, top performing students who wish to engage in hands-on research in experimental anthropology. If that’s you, email us with a short description of your interests and a transcript of your academic record.

Prospective visitors

Are you a student or scholar at another institution and wish to spend some time in our lab as a visitor? Send us an email with a statement of motivation, a cv, and a project description. Unless otherwise agreed, you are expected to make your own financial arrangements and obtain IRB approval for any study you wish to run in our lab.

Prospective collaborators

Do you wish to use our facilities, equipment, or expertise? Send us an email with a project description. You are expected to cover all expenses and obtain IRB approval prior to running any study.