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From Storrs, CT to the field in Mauritius


Our lab space in Storrs is equipped with state-of-the-art portable technology for behavioral and physiological monitoring in lab and field settings. Measures include:

  • Physiological monitoring (GSR, HRV, Sleep Efficiency, enabled for EMG, EEG, eye-tracking, and more)

  • Behavioral monitoring (actigraphy, motion detection, economic experiments, and more)

  • Emotional monitoring (pain, discomfort, and more)

  • Sociometric monitoring (interpersonal distance, turn-taking, network cohesion, postural mimicry, and more)


Our field site in Mauritius, where we have established an extensive network of local assistants, collaborators, and gatekeepers across different locations, is an ideal setting for naturalistic studies, which in turn generate new questions and a need for new methodological tools. The relationship between our lab and field work is thus dynamic and continuous.

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